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Brazilian model, story teller, Beachbum living in the desert. Yes, you read it right, I was born on an island in South Brazil called Florianopolis where I was used to seeing the ocean every day. Now I live in the desert where the ocean is 400 miles away. Las Vegas is a truly beautiful place and looking at the mountains at sunset is just as magical as looking at the ocean at sunrise.
The sky is about 10 different tones of pinks, oranges, purples and blues. Sometimes it’s hard to believe.

Being a model was amazing because I got to visit so many places, mostly for work but always had fun either way. Although I’ve been traveling for a long time and thought about writing this blog for years, I only started taking social media seriously in 2016. So here we are, 3 years later, Let’s do this!

In pursuit of a healthier life I’ve always been an advocate of exercising for the good of the body, mind and soul. Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Weight training, whatever makes your body move. I call myself a home chef, cooking and preparing healthy meals, influencing my followers to pursue a healthier life style as well.

I always had an endless passion for traveling and a (BIG) weakness for exotic beaches, If you say there’ll be sand, ocean and sunshine, I’m in!
On my travels I focus not on the touristic points but also search for the unknown spots, looking to connect with locals to show the best of each place visited. I’m not afraid to keep my travels versatile, I’m always looking to explore cultures and people of different backgrounds.
I always like to get a feel for the culture where I’m at, so I’m not afraid of trying new things, dancing on the street, eating from a food truck or fruit stand, driving or taking a train to find that perfect dish, I really think the universal language is FOOD. So culinary plays a big part of my travels. I not only want to get the most out of each experience I also want to make sure I’m not only showing the most glamourous places, Because life isn’t always glamorous.
I’ve been lucky enough to travel to over 5 continents, 25 different countries, from luxurious private islands to the favelas (Slams) in South America.
So come with me on this next adventure called planet and Let’s explore together.

“I truly believe in a well told story and being able to tell them visually is what drives my creativity."


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