Bali, The island of Gods (Part 1)


Bali, Indonesia.

The place everyone seems to be obsessed about.

Okay I get it, it looks insanely beautiful and you keep seeing photos after photos of Bali on your feed.


But why is Bali so special? The food? The forest? The beaches? The people?

I was wondering for the longest time too, so I decided to go check it out.

After an overwhelmingly long flight, 26 hours to be exact, I land in Denpasar Airport at 1am.

The line at immigration is pretty long it took over an hour, and right there I thought  to myself

“ wow it really is a touristy place”

As I get to the exit I’m pretty much surrounded by taxi drivers asking where I’m going, the amount of people waiting for their arrivals is insane. No kidding over 500 people at this one exit.

I go to the registered taxi line, because I rather be safe. I’m in a country where I don’t know anything or anyone!

My taxi ride cost me RP250 – about USD $22. Okay seems fair, price of a 20 minute uber ride. But little did I know, my commute was about 1,5hours.

As we start driving I’m looking out of the window, super curious wanting to see everything about this place!

It’s very dark out, the streets are pretty empty, I have to be honest. I wasn’t impressed by what I was seeing.  As the streets kept getting narrow and darker, I thought  “OMG where is he taking me? I’m getting murdered tonight.” this man didn’t speak one word of English. So asking for any information was useless.

Another 30 minutes goes by with no sign of light or life, until we get to my destination in Uluwatu area. 3am in the morning.

Security from the hotel comes help me with my luggage. “UFFF I’m alive”

I see Mareen and now I know I’m safe.

The next morning I got up early because I was super jetlagged.

The Hotel where we were staying for the next few days was on the cliff and the view was stunning!

I got a little sick for the first few days. I think my body was just exhausted from a full week at burning man, with irregular sleep and irregular eating + 26 hours flying my body just couldn’t take it.

As I got better we were already staying in Cangguu, a more active area I should say.

Mareen wants to take me around, because up to that point 3 days had gone by and I hadn’t left the hotel. In Bali the only way to get around fast is in scooters. So we ordered two.

OMG it was so fun! I hadn’t been in a scooter in ages and my driver was pretty savvy and fast.

When we got to our destination, I was amazed, confused and shocked all at once. It was like if Floripa had merged with Tulum, added a twist of Ibiza but in Indonesia.

You’re probably thinking the same thing, UH, what???

Turns out we end up at A BEACH CLUB, and it was full of life! People everywhere, music, bikini bodies in the pool, small dance parties happening, WOW.

Let’s just say that my impression of Bali died there! I thought Bali was a place where people go to relax and practice Yoga bla bla bla. This party scene was not in my mind AT ALL.

I like it! We ordered some food and drinks to watch the sunset which it was spectacular! With colors that you have to see it to believe it!

As the days starts to go by, I see that Bali is special for so many reasons.

That Island truly has something magical about it. Although its filled with tourists and everything and everywhere is a photo op, now thinking back being there for 2 weeks taught me so many lessons.

Its people. I don’t know if I’ll ever meet more genuinely happy people in my life. Although is a poor country, you don’t see anyone begging, every person you meet have a smile on their face, they’re kind, polite, ready to help with anything! people live so happy with so little. Why do we always need more?


What’s little to you it’s a lot to them. For my surprise Bali is extremely cheap place to visit. You read it right.

I went to the best restaurants, had a private driver for 3 days and still spent $500 in the 2 weeks I was there. So don’t be cheap on your tips, $10 dollars might not be much to you but it might help feed their family for a few days.

Have faith, Hinduism is the main religion in Bali, and per their believes they make offers to their God twice a day. The devotion and caring for their belief is amazing to see, They believe in Karma so what goes around comes around. That’s why I have faith that It doesn’t matter what you believe in, there are still good in this world, genuine, honest, trustworthy people.

Disconnect to connect. I was horrified how every single place I went was not about the experience was about snapping that perfect picture. The best way you connect with yourself and with others is to disconnect from the virtual world. Not everything is worth a photo. The best memories are kept in your heart, what you felt.

But now, If you are a foodie, we’re gonna be friends! And you can thank me later for this list!

I wish all the restaurants I ate at would open back home! The food was so delicious, so healthy.

Well if you don’t know me yet, I’m into being healthy, I love cooking and I exercise regularly, but let’s not get off track here. Lol

This list was shared by a friend that lives in Bali,  I’ve tried most of them and not one left me feeling disappointed. I’ve also added some more.


Favorite Cafes ☕

♦️The Loft Canngu

♦️Nude Berewa

♦️Crate Canngu (famous for breakfast)

♦️Motion Canngu

♦️Ruko Berewa

♦️Canteen Canggu (amazing breakfast)

♦️Beteelnut Cafe Canggu (amazing salads)

♦️Quince Cafe (amazing salads)


♦️Satu Satu Berewa (great coffee)

♦️Nalu Bowls

♦️Suka (Ulutwatu)

♦️Plant Cartel


♦️Watercrest restaurant – Ubud

♦️Anomaly coffee – Ubud

♦️Monkey coffee – Ubud

♦️Strawberry fields – Seminyak

♦️Sistersfields -Seminyak

♦️Shelther café


Favorite Restaurants 🍽

♦️Sake no Hana – Uluwatu

♦️Pink Tacos – Seminyak

♦️Dahana – Seminyak

♦️Métis – Seminyak

♦️Aya Street – Seminyak

♦️MASONS – Canggu

♦️Fishbone Local – Canggu

♦️Bikini – Seminyak

♦️Ji – Canggu

♦️Barbacoa – Seminyak

♦️La Lucciola – Seminyak

♦️Naughty Nuris – Ubud

♦️Da Romeo Italian – Berewa

♦️Sake no Hana – Ulutwatu

♦️Slippery Stone – Seminyak


♦️Bambu – Seminyak

♦️Mamasan – Seminyak

♦️Moana Fishery – Canggu

♦️Suksema Sushi – Berewa (amazingly fresh)

♦️Zibiru – Italian

♦️Bo and Bun (Vietnamese)

♦️Saigon St – Seminyak

♦️Bumbu Bali – Nusa Dua

♦️Wild HABIT – Seminyak


Sunday Brunch’s 🥞

♦️W Hotel

♦️Alila Hotel


Beach Clubs that you can not miss!

♦️ La Brisa

♦️ Cafe del Mar

♦️ Potato Head

♦️ Omnia

It was pretty much impossible to have a bad meal in Bali. So enjoy these places and let me know how you liked it!


September 10, 2019
Bali, Indonesia
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