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Maldives, Not only for honeymooners…


Maldives.  OMG!

That place that everyone thinks is for honeymooners only. Total LIE!

Yes, I went there with a girl friend and let me tell you. It was incredible!

First, let say that Maldives had been on my Bucket list since I can remember.. ( prob when I was like 15yo)

So, I was in Tulum for a weeding and on a lovely Sunday afternoon, when Mareen @Miss.everywhere texted me asking if I would like to join her on a trip to the Maldives. I didn’t even think twice! YES!!!

Got back home on Monday and Tuesday night I was on my way!

Let me say I didn’t fly through the easiest route. Flew from Vegas- NYC- Doha- Male. 27hrs later I arrived, I didn’t really know what to expect, I just knew it was beautiful.

Off the plane, on to a boat. 45 min later we get to the island where I was greeted by the lovely staff from LUX Resorts North Male.

The bluest water I have ever seen, the whitest sand you can imagine. I still think It was baby powder haha (Joke) but seriously, WOW!

After a refreshment and hellos I was taken to our room, This incredible 2600sqft brand new

villa, Which felt like I was in Miami beach! Beautiful design, Super modern, all white, right on the water. Lux had opened a few months earlier in February. So it felt like no one had even stayed in our room before.

Walked in to a beautiful living room, high ceilings, all glass windows looking to the ocean, the kind of place I could live in, if you let me lol the huge sliding doors took us to a gorgeous master bedroom, the closet was bigger than my entire apartment (almost) and the bathroom was stunning, it’s funny because my favorite part of the whole villa was the outdoor shower, and the pool, and the terrace, OK! It was a dream! The whole place couldn’t be nicer!

I got there later in the afternoon, I was super exhausted from traveling so we didn’t do much, Lux had prepared a private dinner on the dock just for Mareen and I, the dock was decorated with candles and flowers, the honeymoon package we called it haha the sunset was so vibrant with so many different tones of orange it looked photoshopped. Our meal was lovely, I had fish with veggies and Mareen had pasta Bolognese (her favorite dish), Not like they had pasta on menu but Lux did everything to receive and accommodate us, treating us like realty!

There is only one resort per island, some islands are bigger some are smaller, this one we could walk around the entire island in 15min. Tiny but incredibly beautiful.

I’m jat lagged, couldn’t sleep pretty much all night, so I got off the bed as the sun came up, around 5am. As it got brighter and brighter the ocean got bluer and bluer.

Sincerely the most beautiful blue water I have ever seen! You know the Artic Gatorade? THAT BLUE! Insane I know!

This island in particular was the true meaning of relaxation. To my amazement we had our own butler (Super fancy!) which he was the sweetest thing in the world, There was not one thing that we could think of that he wouldn’t have it ready, available or done for us.

First day we just relaxed by the pool, went swimming in the ocean, the water temperature was perfect!

Seems like the day went by so quickly! But it’s like the saying “ The day goes by fast when you’re having fun!”

The next day was full of surprises, we went out for lunch to a sand bank, so we had our own private little island. The boat ride was short and beautiful. The lunch was prepared and served picnic style. Salad, Sandwich, fruit, juice, everything fresh of course. We didn’t stay there for long because it was a very hot day. We took a couple pictures, played with the drone and back to our villa.

Next day its time to relax even more. We were pampered with a spa day at a point on the trip I was like WOW, they really know how to leave an impression!

The treatment was so nice! As everything in the resort, the spa was white, glass walls looking to the ocean, but wait, the best part was that there was a cut out glass area on the floor under your massage table, so while you were getting your massage you would open your eyes and watch the reef fish swim by. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I thought that was the coolest thing EVER!

When I didn’t know how it could get any better, we got the call! We asked if it would be possible to go on an excursion, snorkeling with the turtles.

That was fun! We left the next morning, the boat ride was only about 20 minutes, When we jumped in the water we didn’t know if we were even going to see any, but the guys there know how to find them, after maybe 5-10 min in the water we swim to the perfect spot! Many of them were feeding off the reef, we saw about 6-7 turtles. Magical!

The next day we get ready to move to LUX South Male.

The process is like this; you have to go back to the main airport in Male to take a sea plane to the next island.

It was a couple hours route but wasn’t too painful. As we took off, I’m looking out of the window, all excited to see this place from the sky,  so beautiful! As I take a second look inside the plane I laughed out loud because our pilot was barefoot.


We made a couple stops on the way to drop off other travelers to different resorts, and as we get to our stop it was MAGIC HOUR! The sunset was unbelievably beautiful! Purple, red, orange all this colors mixing up together to make you think you dreaming! To leave you speechless of how beautiful this planet is.

After greetings, we were driven to our room, I don’t know if this is real life, but we had the presidential suite! The room was seriously bigger than my entire apartment. (Don’t laugh!)

The style of this resort was more homey, not so modern, but still gorgeous!

Kitchen, living room, infinity pool, bedroom with a enormous  closet, bathroom with a huge bath tube that we could throw a party in it! The room was facing SW on the island so we had the best sunset view.

This island was bigger, a lot more to do.

On our first day the weather didn’t help, it was raining and cloudy pretty much all day. So we enjoyed a massage and relaxed in our room.

Next day we went on a bike ride around the island, the weather still wasn’t great, we found so many cute finds on the way, a Library on the beach, a herb garden, a coconut stand, a beautiful wish tree, where people from around the world that had stayed there before left a message, a wish. Every year Lux chose one lucky winner to go back to the island for free! (Pick me, Pick me!!! )

Many other cool things until we got to the water sports tent, we wanted to go jet skiing but the ocean was a little floppy so we decided to just hang out on the beach, because the next day we were going on an adventure of a life time!

Guess what? —- Snorkeling with whale sharks! OMG my heart couldn’t take this much excitement!

As the next day rolled over, we joined the group for the excursion early in the morning, I was very surprised to see how well organized everything was.

When we get to the location where the sharks are mostly seen, there’s another maybe 15 boats, from other hotels.

As soon that the giant is spotted on the water everyone jumps in. CAOS! There’s like 200 people in the water trying to see, photograph and film the gentle giant.

Still one of the most amazing feelings and experiences of my life!

That day we got lucky, there was about 4-5 sharks in the same area, we only could tell the difference by its size, Apparently the ones in the Maldives are “teenagers” they’re “only” from 10 to 18 meters long. This giants can grow up to 25 meters! Although you might think they’re super scary because of their size I’ll tell you, they’re not. They don’t even have teeth, they feed off plankton. These giants looked so peaceful, as the 200 people  almost drowned themselves trying to swim along them.

Wow what a day! When we got back to the hotel, they were waiting for us with a lovely meal, and a cooking class, to teach us how to cook a few Maldivian dishes.

After I got my wifey skills on point, ate a delicious meal we just rested for the rest of the day.

As tusday rolls in, the weather was just beautiful. We used the day to take pictures around the island, right before sunset we are surprised with a gorgeous dinner on the beach, a decorated canopy, with lanterns and flowers, and Mareen and I thought well, when we do get married is going to be hard to top this on our honeymoons. Haha

We had a private chef who prepared a Maldivian dinner for me, with rice and different curries, lamb, fish and some other dishes. Want to guess what Mareen ordered? Pasta Bolognese.

I would say – Boring! But not everyone likes to try something new right?

The sunset was beautiful, leaving the sky purple and blue…

Since we were leaving the next morning we didn’t stay long on the beach.

Sad day for all. I think leaving the Maldives is never fun for anyone but for me was even sadder because I left without knowing if I would ever go back and have a chance to see the other islands, but the experience and the memories will live in my heart forever!

Things to remember when you go:

Pack light! I packed so many dresses and sandals and stuff that I didn’t wear. Although Maldives sounds fancy, the islands are pretty small there’s not need to pack much.

My next time I’m cutting my packing in half!

Don’t forget your essentials, sun screen, any allergy medicine you might need. The hotels have a doctor on the clock but it is still an island so supply of anything is limited.

Have patience if your sea plane is delayed, Everyone is trying to do their best to get all passengers to their destinations a soon as safely as possible.

Colors that will look great in pictures, anything vibrant! Red, yellow, dark blue, orange…

When doing excursions be patient with other tourists, although I know you want that shot for yourself there’s other people trying to enjoy the same experience as you.





April 16, 2019